Inspire People to Encounter God

The heartbeat of our worship ministry is to inspire people to encounter God. John 4:24 says that God is "seeking" or looking for true, authentic worshipers and this is the reason we desire to be a worshiping church. We want people to live a lifestyle of worship unto God on a daily basis, and we want to put Jesus at the center of our corporate gatherings. Our vision is to set the atmosphere for people to encounter God in the corporate gatherings.

The privilege of serving in the house of the Lord and it has become such a blessing in my life.

Despite having played guitar since I was a teenager, I had never played in church before attending WRBC. Sitting in the pews over the years, I assumed that the people I saw on the platform worshipping and playing must be stronger Christians and certainly better musicians than I am. It was through encouragement and continued grace that WRBC has given me a chance to use my skill and desire to play guitar to worship God. Everyone is always kind enough to thank me on Sunday morning and turn a blind eye (or ear!) to the the missed chords or wrong notes. In reality, it has been a privilege of serving in the house of the Lord and it has become such a blessing in my life. If you are like I was and think that the people serving must somehow be more spiritual, more talented, have more time or whatever other thoughts might be holding you back, I encourage you to step out in faith and serve in some capacity if you aren’t already.

P.S. The church has a fantastic restored vintage Fender Precision bass that is just waiting for someone to pick it up and play on Sunday morning!

Worship Band

We are always looking for experienced players to help lead the congregation in worship. The band is made up of young and older players wanting to play with excellence. The band does require an audition with a Worship Leader, and placement will be based on your playing skills, attitude and openness to serve. Feel free to contact us if you are interested to find out more!