We're glad you are here!

Over the last 70 years, WRBC has experienced God's faithfulness in many ways. We are known for our friendliness and for our commitment to the preaching and teaching of God's word. We are a progressive church seeking to keep in touch with the need of the community, inclusive of all people of all generations and cultures.

Who are we?

WRBC is a multi-generational, multi-cultural church located in the heart of the White Rock/South Surrey Peninsula. We are proud to have been part of this community for 70 years. As a Baptist church, we are voluntarily associated with the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada (CBWC), a Christ-centered community of churches that exists to equip the local church by cultivating leaders, investing in relationships, and engaging in mission.

What do we believe?

As a part of a larger community of churches that form the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada (CBWC), we together wholeheartedly affirm the revelation of God as given in the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments and confess the faith set forth here. We here explicitly assert the doctrines which we regard as crucial to the understanding and proclamation of the Gospel and to practical Christian living.


How do we fit in?

A church is not a building but a group of people who love Jesus and want to follow him as a community. If you don’t believe what we do, you are still always welcome to join us, either on Sundays for worship or at any of our other programs. We do not exist to serve ourselves, anyways, but those outside of our church!

We offer many programs for children, youth, adults and seniors, and we are always looking for new opportunities. We encourage you to get involved by volunteering in an area of interest and joining a Life Group for Bible study, prayer and fellowship. Click below to find more information about all the events taking place at WRBC and ways that you can be part of this family of faith!



seeks to be a loving community of hope in Jesus Christ, 

worshiping God and growing in faith to impact the world

WRBC Brochure


If you would like to further clarification about any of our beliefs, 

please feel free to ask one of the pastors!