We would love to pray with you or for you. If you would like someone to pray with, have prayer requests, or would like a name to be added to our prayer list, please let us know at 604-531-2344 or prayer@whiterockbaptist.ca.

Congregation Families of the Week: Ken Louden; Brian & Cindy Louw, Dylan, Kristen; Johan & Lima Louwerse, Daniel, Joseph; Keith & Ruby MacDonald; Georgette & Lloyd Makaroff

Requests: Elaine for healing, Paul & Myra for how to bear fruitKurt (in hospital) & Christel Dreger (moving to Elim), Lorraine Arnoldo (in hospital) &  John Arnoldo, Jessica Fadigan and baby, Bruno Kohl, Rita Murray (fell), Gus Boutow for pain, discomfort and CT resultsperson with schizophrenia asks for healing (from website), and those affected by COVID

Ukraine: Pray for the people of Ukraine – for those in shock at this sudden and violent violation of their country – that they will be able to seek safety and know the comfort of God’s presence. Pray that peace would flow through this country and through this region and that together we would walk the path of peace. For those who would like to donate please visit the cbm website.

Continue to pray for those in our congregation who are unable to get out, for your pastors, ministries, volunteers, and missionaries, for seniors in the care homes, for the persecuted church and our government leaders.

(If you have not connected with us or are not in our directory, and would like to be listed in our WRBC FAMILY PRAYER, please fill out a consent form or contact the office)